Anonymous Asked:
love the new pic! both of my favorite things hehe youre feet and some nice kushy kuuush ;) (original girl again btw)

Haha yea posted that cuz of the kush lol but glad you like the kush and my huge feet .but I wanna know what this girl looks like ? :)

Anonymous Asked:
OMG...U r so sexy! Do u like those big feet rubbed? None of the other guys I've dates would let me, they didn't like girls messing with their feet.

lmao, its strange i guess.  But Sure, i let any girl do whatever with ma big feet

Anonymous Asked:
its the girl that likes big feet again ;) i like that youre skinny actually. lookin hot!

haha , really ? n  i eat alot which is weird lol 

Anonymous Asked:
Are you bi ?

no. str8

Anonymous Asked:
If you suddenly became Godzilla sized, what would you do?

become human size again. 

el-laymademe Asked:
favorite typr of high tops!

classic Nike leather